Types of Mushroom Substrates

Here are a portion of the substrates you can use to develop mushrooms.


Straws of grains like wheat, oat, and rye can be a fantastic base for mushroom development as they are consistently accessible and modest, The utilization of straw can be profitable as it very well may be utilized in developing a wide range of kinds of mushrooms. Numerous mushrooms think that its simple to separate strands of straw. One burden however is that you have to set up the straw before utilizing it. So on the off chance that you are developing mushrooms particularly inside, you should ensure that you dispose of the little microorganisms that are normally present in the straw. Else, they will contend with the mycelium for the food source and there is an incredible possibility that the mycelium won’t develop mushroommedia.

There are numerous approaches to treat the straw, and one of them is through the procedure called purification or cleaning through warmth.


Logs can be utilized to develop mushrooms. It is cut, immunized with dowel brings forth, and left to hatch. In any case, in your selection of logs to utilize, you should consider a similar sort of wood that your kind of mushrooms develops on normally. Subsequently, it is best that you should initially investigate the sort of mushroom you need to develop to boost achievement.

For the most part, any hardwood that is not very thick and brisk to break down will do, for example, elm, debris, birch, cottonwood, and beech. Hardwoods like oak will keep longer to create mushrooms.

Advanced Sawdust

Regularly, business cultivators are utilizing advanced sawdust. This substrate functions admirably with various assortments of mushrooms, yet there are still a few interesting points when utilizing it.

The main thing you have to consider is the sort of sawdust you are going to utilize. Sawdust that originates from hardwood is acceptable, however ensure that the sawdust isn’t too fine since it will in general pack too thickly and deny the mycelium of air.

Something else that you again need to consider is the way that the sawdust comes up short on the correct supplement necessity and accordingly should be enhanced with nitrogen supplement, for example, grain. Utilizing supplement enhanced sawdust will bring about a better return contrasted with utilizing plain sawdust.

Besides, sawdust is likewise a host to minuscule contenders that it should be cleaned before utilizing it, and this requires particular hardware, for example, an autoclave.

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