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Your responsibility is to train those two witches. Once you have trained them and they are ready for the tasks.

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You will give them tasks and quests to be completed. There will be some uncensored version which will have some power full adult scenes. Shira Oka: Second Chances , another kind of typical game which is based on the genre visual novel game like HuniePop. Only diffence is that it is greatly appealing with the storyline of presentation of old school and high school. There are a good number of the mini games inside the Shira Oka: Second Chances Game. This is well strategy to keep you entertained all the time throughout the game.

Second Chances game is predominantly based on good students for high school.

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This game will bring you back to your high school time because you have to play the role of a high school student here. As we have already that it is old school game. There are different and a number of options for the Shira Oka: So you have to get through from the different scenario of the game which you have played already. You can download it on your PC. Kamidori Alchemy Meister can be played on the PC. This game is with mode of single player game. It is developed and published by Eushully.

Kamidori Alchemy Meister game have genre like games on visual novel. It has good amount of adult contents. Here the protagonist is an orphan boy whose name is Kamidori.

This game is an adventures series game which is embarked upon by Kamidori. Kamidori, the protagonist character of this game wants to have Alchemy as a career.

In order to be a alchemist he is going for the training. As the game plot proceed further he meets to the three girls. These girls are his bodyguards. He chooses the girl to romance and she decides the further direction for the Kamidori Alchemy Meister game. The game Kamidori Alchemy Meister, is combination of the battles and storytelling which is wrapping with the fantasy. Another dating genre based game Dandelion — Wishes Brought to You, which is more into this gener than any game like HuniePop. Dandelion — Wishes Brought to You Game has a girl as a protagonist so it is no doubt a female cantered game.

You have to play the role of Heejung Kim. This girl is quite busy. Heejung Kim is very pretty and miserable.

What is Huniepop?

Due to the busy schedule, she is unable to earmark time for herself. The ground of this game, Dandelion — Wishes Brought to You, is quite cute with very good storytelling. So she decides to keep these with her. Now these cute animals turns into the five handsome, hunk full grown man.

Here the problem starts.

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She has to choose one among them to go with on date. Sounds fun, right? He is not on a mission, not looking for vengeance or even looking to lay waste to his enemies. It is particularly noted for having impeccable comic moments every now and again, without having to rely heavily on the R-Rated content of the game.

Adults Only: Indie Games That Feature Nudity | TheGamer

This fan favorite game was released in This single player game allows you to choose your protagonist: It begins from the first day of college and follows the protagonist as they share their house with roommates. See Also: The game follows Kitty Powers as she launches a new branch of her matchmaking business.

The player works as a matchmaker in the game, responsible for finding the perfect match for different characters. Once you find compatible matches you then arrange a date for them and guide them through it, while also playing different mini games in it too. Of all games like Huniepop, Shira Oka: Second Chances is one of the most likeable because of its relatability thanks to its high school plot.

By completing enough dates successfully, players are rewarded with smutty images of the girls, which vary in explicitness based on which version of the game you own. The version on Steam is censored, but I would still consider it R-rated. I know that I said I was going to stay away from visual novels, but I think Hatoful Boyfriend is too well-known to not mention on this list.

Hatoful Boyfriend is pretty much your standard visual novel. The twist of this game, however, is that your love interests are pigeons. Even with its tongue-in-cheek premise, this game is surprisingly well-written. The stories behind each character are compelling, and it manages to avoid the common visual novel pitfall of being drawn out or dull.

Neither game takes themselves too seriously. Like Hatoful Boyfriend, Shira Oka takes place in a high school. However, you might be happy to hear that all of the characters in this game are human.

Games Like Huniepop – Top 10 Best Huniepop Alternatives [2018 List]

There are little mini-games, but the bulk of the story is communicated via a standard visual novel format. It may not sound all that special, but this game is widely regarded as one of the best adult visual novel-style games out there, praised for its depth of story, RPG-like mechanics, and likable characters. In Shira Oka, you go through your life as a high schooler. This game is a bit more well-produced. In Little Witch Romanesque, you play as a character who is tasked with mentoring two young witches. You train them, build up their skills, and send them on quests to progress through the main story.

A lot of story carries out in a more visual novel format, but the actual gameplay lies in the strategic minigames, which are more fun than you might expect. The art in this game is really good, but I think it might be a little dated.

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Gay dating games like hunipop

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